Work and Leisure in Marocco

A Project that came about, running through Marrakesh afternoons, continued into Meknas und the train ride through Rabat and Casablanca back to Berlin. I had troubles adapting to the country, not anything in particular but the package as a whole. It was especially troublesome in tourity territory.

The backlands seemed harsh but beautiful. The Busrides were long and weren’t as soothing anymore. So much had changed, it seemed as though only an imprint of me was travelling a laughing man stamped and sent as postcard.

There is this song from ‚Die Toten Hosen‘ on my mp3 – player and as i wander through villages, there is a young women veiled in red who starts following me around. She is a teacher, she tells me. If I like her?

We play hide and seek through the empty schoolyard. My mind worries on the superintendent but my heart races, when i catch the women in red.

My daily work were photos. I had just started and bought a Fuji X-E1 for this journey. I did not know much yet, looking back i did not even know i knew nothing about cameras. But I like what happened there on a daily basis for thirty days throuh bedbugs, feasting flees, overcrowded bunk bedrooms and hygiene standarts as if the city center was really still in the middle ages.

I was certainly broke at the time. I had lost my creditcard somewhere in Fes and the other card had troubles beeing accepted. That were some curiously silent days with little more than 10 bucks for food and sleep. Once I found an ATM friendly enough to spit out the rest of my account’s money – i withdrew all of it.

With 400 Euro and two weeks to go, the gist was clear.

So as I made my days through the city and tried to capture something that felt more like live beyond the globalized frontlines of Hallo, Guten Tag! Möchten Sie … etwas kaufen? to kind hearted, warm, people, genuine exhaustion and a secret place for pride.

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