Berlinale – The Kite

While playing at at a river between Iran and Irak, a small girl loses her kite to the other side of the border. The boys who play there, try to make contact but not only language seperates them. The dangerous playgrounds hold explosive leftovers from the last war.

Regie, BuchSeyed Payam Hosseini
KameraHamed Baghaeian
MontageHadi Ahmadi
MusikHadi Ahmadi
Sound DesignErfan Ebrahimi
TonPezhman Razh
Production DesignMehran Mokari
KostümSeyed Payam Hosseini
MaskeSnoor Rashidi
CastingSeyed Payam Hosseini
RegieassistenzFaryad Khosravani
Production ManagerArmin Pormohmmad
Produzent*innenSeyed Payam Hosseini, Mohsen Mohamadi Shasha
Ausführende*r Produzent*inSeyed Payam Hosseini

You would describe them as intelligent and genuine, if you were to come across them. Mr. Hosseini, Mr. Baghaeian and Mr. Shasha had esembled to travel to the Berlinale Filmfestival in Berlin, Germany to reiceive favoured recognition for their shortfilm ‚The Kite‘.

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