Instrestingly most people I meet today believe that they have a singular purpose in live. And those who don’t see it yet, strive to find it everyday, the same way i go to the fridge or to the park, anyone can arrive at a purpose any of these days.

If anyone of these reasons other people point out as willing to live for, or more extreme willing to die for, could be found around my kitchen or my bathroom i should have stumbled upon it by now.

But with quaratine in full force and the nagging feeling in the back of my mind. I can truly laugh even though work and purpose have been prohibited now for a year. I have acted upon my limitations as my own days had been entangled it other peoples vision. In order to see clearly again i had to forge momentum back to my actions and still I tend to think on others too genuine. As if opposed figures on the stage would always determine relations as bad, i had taken distance to see and compassion to keep me silent.

Dylan said after finishing recording his 1997 Album ‚Time out of mind‘ ‚you know, whatever we decide to do with it, that’s that‘. And that seems to me one of the forging elements of motivation. Whenever you do something, later it will be done. That is how simple we can offer light to ourselves.

For me I believe that in work, especially in Theatre and Photography, Film, too we work from the future to the now. Meaning we conceive as servants for a now between equals. I once had a brief talk with René Pollesch, who will be head of Volksbühne in Berlin and he said ‚if it is right, the janitor can tell you‘.

I have since come to the realizsation that the main problem is that when it is wrong, no one can tell you why. And by experience the mounting of problems often hinders the vision of the right, scares away the shy and questioning the distant ones comes with the bitter feeling of bad relations.

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