First Snow

I wake up to the morning as if it were any other. As if any other were like this morning, a venn diagram, basically, of mornings and this particular one coincided with the whole circle perfectly.

It snowed outside, as it were January, slowly, light flakes that had frosted the soil over night and validated the teperature contrastshape of the innermost human and freezing cold morning winds.

Latched between earth and clouds most of them still existed as if they did not, so distinct from one another, one would almost forget that they were not. The dust from the sun above the clouds, heated the soil and comforted the waking minds similar to overly ambitious ants trying to swim.

With circular precision 80 % of humans would do today, Wednesday the 13th, excately what they had done last week at the same time. In the recurrent try to repeat and over repeat precisly their movements from last week the city had been caught in a ballet of a million stretching bodies shaping normal as it were.