Schöne Mädchen weinen nicht – Undine

Auszug aus einer Bearbeitung des deutschen Sagenstoffes Undine aus dem Jahr 2019. Undine als junge Frau in abgelegener Gegend trifft den Klempner der die überlaufene Toilette reparieren soll. Der Wald um das Haus ist unbewohnt, voller Moore und Wege ins Nirgendwo. Klempner: Gibt es hier einen Schlafplatz? Vater: Dort ist Platz in der Garage, es„Schöne Mädchen weinen nicht – Undine“ weiterlesen

A video i made in the middle of the pandemic summer. In order to avoid frequent exposure to new people, i travelled to meet a friend who’s story is told in an absent of words. A musicvideo, that never quite finished.

I wake up to the morning as if it were any other. As if any other were like this morning, a venn diagram, basically, of mornings and this particular one coincided with the whole circle perfectly. It snowed outside, as it were January, slowly, light flakes that had frosted the soil over night and validated weiterlesen

A video that came together from very different occasions during the late summer of 2020. Restrictions were relaxed and some musicans found their way to the parks and people. I however escaped the narrow filter of pandemic city life and left for a quiter summer.

Berlinale – The Kite While playing at at a river between Iran and Irak, a small girl loses her kite to the other side of the border. The boys who play there, try to make contact but not only language seperates them. The dangerous playgrounds hold explosive leftovers from the last war. Regie, Buch Seyed weiterlesen

Work and Leisure in Marocco A Project that came about, running through Marrakesh afternoons, continued into Meknas und the train ride through Rabat and Casablanca back to Berlin. I had troubles adapting to the country, not anything in particular but the package as a whole. It was especially troublesome in tourity territory. The backlands seemed weiterlesen