Belém nach Manaus, Brasilien

The bathroom view. No window, every breath of air as pure as it gets. The public transport done by ferry from Belém to Manaus was an experience. We stopped once for a couple of hours but other than that we were cruising all day and all night, sleeping on the upper deck with hammocks. I’d do it again. What a beautiful experience! 🙂

With a vibrating groove i followed Padrema through Kreuzberg in Berlin. With their own tracks and covers from Khruangbin, we stopped ever so often to set up camp for a few live recordings. Initially the last stop would have been our first but the police crossed this idea before we could begin. With a new plan and a compelling combination of companions and onlookers an evening well spent.

0:00 Capetan Arcuda 3:30 Catch Up 7:33 Eternal Youth 10:33 Thaketha