Berlinale – The Kites

Berlinale – The Kite

While playing at at a river between Iran and Irak, a small girl loses her kite to the other side of the border. The boys who play there, try to make contact but not only language seperates them. The dangerous playgrounds hold explosive leftovers from the last war.

When we went to the Berlinale 2020 we had heard of Covid before. But it did not make any difference: “This might be the last one” someone said “and after this it is apocalypse.” They might have been right we woulnd´t know until two months later, safely in our homes.

Several small groups of filmmakers gathered in a room with couches and hot beverages. Intimate, friendly and with a cool courisosity what might be happening next. The selected nominees for the generational competition at Berlinale had ensembled to glance on a prospective future.

The award ceremony was not until thursday and hundreds of films could be visited with free entrance. We had looked, seen and talked with some of the others teams before my new group would find their curiosity nursed, their stomach satisfied and the hydration appropriate. Time to watch some movies.